NEII Environmental vocabulary service APS showcase

16 July 2018

On the 31st of May, the National Environmental Information Infrastructure (NEII) programme showcased their Environmental vocabulary service work to APS departments, demonstrating how the service could support their business processes.

The Environmental vocabulary service provides a way to create, curate and publish environmental vocabularies making them accessible to computers, systems and people .For example the Australian Land Use Mapping classification can now be browsed in both the Research Vocabularies of Australia (RVA) and the NEII environmental vocabulary service. As the Australian Land Use Mapping classification continues to evolve, content can be updated to reflect classification changes while still providing users access older versions of the definitions.

The NEII environmental vocabulary service uses the Australian National Data Service's (ANDS) RVA (RVA) platform as the backbone; an NEII hosted instance of the CSIRO SISSVoc Linked Data Application Programming Interface complements the ANDS capability to support additional customisation and system redundancy It has been built in collaboration with ANDS.

If you would like to learn more about the NEII environmental vocabularies click here .

If you have an environmental vocabulary that you would like to include in the NEII environmental vocabulary service, please send an email to