NEII Conformance Framework released

9 May 2016
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NEII Programme

We are pleased to announce the release of the NEII Conformance Framework Version 1.0. The framework has been developed to communicate the requirements of a participating partner in the NEII as a physical node and to support self assessment by partners wishing to contribute to the NEII.

The framework adopts a capability-maturity approach for communicating the level of conformance for metadata catalogue entries, web data services for environmental geographies and gridded data, and 'soft' usability elements such as licencing and operational support arrangements. These are all critical for supporting the development of an operationally robust distributed environmental information system.

The framework was reviewed, road-tested and enhanced through the activities of the NEII Conformance Framework Working Group – thanks are extended to members and agencies who supported this process. Testing included self-assessment and evaluation against agency catalogues and web data services, with two examples included in the final framework to assist users to apply the framework to their data. A self-assessment tool can be applied by data providers to assess, and thus support the on-boarding of the data to the NEII.

Further information regarding application of the framework and on-boarding partner data to the NEII is available by contacting


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