Geofabric now available as NEII web data service

1 July 2016
Photo Credit: 
Bureau of Meteorology

The Geofabric is a digital database of surface and ground water features, which registers the spatial relationship between important hydrologic features. It is comprised of six product datasets;

  • hydrology reporting regions
  • hydrology reporting catchments
  • surface catchments
  • surface network
  • surface cartography and
  • groundwater cartography.

The Geofabric (e.g. Surface Catchments, Surface Networks) data products are available as simple web services through Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) on operational-grade Bureau of Meteorology infrastructure. 

The collation of Geofabric information follows a formal process from data creation, aggregation to public delivery, also incorporating informal feedback from Geofabric consumers. Geofabric NEII data services can be accessed through the data viewer or metadata catalogue for use in any analysis or software application direct from the Bureau's infrastructure.

For more information about the Geofabric, download the information sheet.