Enhancements to Environmental Information Explorer monitoring sites in the NEMSR

23 July 2019
Photo Credit: 
NEII Programme

The Environmental Information (EI) Explorer sites are water resource and meteorological monitoring sites owned and managed by over 90 organisations across Australia.  Last updated in 2009, data for water resource stations includes the quality and quantity of water in surface water features, particularly rivers and water storages, and meteorological data includes rainfall, evaporation, humidity, and temperature.

There are more than 15,000 surface water sites and more than 22,000 meteorological sites. Site information includes that supplied to the Bureau of Meteorology, under the Water Regulations 2008, by water management authorities in each State and Territory. While the EI Explorer monitoring sites were added to the NEMSR in November 2018, an enhancement has recently been made, to make accessing the data easier.

The NEMSR now has nine EI Explorer network datasets, available under the category of 'Other':

  • Three datasets together cover all the EI Explorer monitoring sites;
  • Two datasets together cover all sites where precipitation is monitored;
  • Two datasets together cover all sites with meteorological data, including precipitation;
  • One dataset of all sites where surface water level and discharge is monitored. Water storage information is included in this dataset; and
  • One dataset of all sites where water quality is monitored.

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