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Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, 1998 - 2013 the previous name of the department now known as the Department of Agriculture

data access

the process of querying and retrieving data through machine interfaces for automated processing, visualisation, integration, etc.

data discovery

the process of identifying machine-accessible, fit-for-purpose datasets through a search process

data model

see information model

data provider

the supplier of a dataset to be made available for data discovery and data access through the infrastructure

data provider (NEMSR)

An individual or agency who contributes data to the National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register (NEMSR). See

data querying

the process of requesting a subset of a dataset based upon user-specified filter criteria

data viewer (NEII)

An interactive mapping tool that allows users to view and explore NEII-conformant data services and the National Environmental Monitoring Sites Register. See


a dataset stored in a persistent digital format suitable for data querying through appropriate data management software


an identifiable collection of data

dataset metadata

data describing a dataset (e.g., identification/citation information, data quality, content description, availability, licensing constraints)


Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, March 2010 Ð March 2013

delivery channel

a physical network and digital protocol through which a dataset may be accessed

deployment architecture

physical configuration of components on specific computing nodes at specific geographic locations


Department of Environment and Resource Management (Qld) formerly known as Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (Qld)

differentiated service

a service whose functionality varies with the identity or role class of the user

discovery metadata

metadata describing essential aspects of a dataset or service, to facilitate discovery through search; usually conforming to ISO 19115


Department of the Environment and Energy


a field of study or learning associated with a specific community of practice; a discipline area

domain authority

a point of authority for controlled terms and concepts agreed explicitly or implicitly for shared use within a domain

domain feature

a real-world object class (e.g., 'bird', 'river', 'building', 'road') whose characteristics are well-known and agreed within a domain


Data Provider Node