Contact ANDS to create a new user account or user group for PoolParty at Please provide the below information with the request.

For creating new account:

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • User Role/Type (Basic/Admin)
  • User group (For example, NEII_UserGroup)

For creating new user group:

User group: A User group can be defined as a collection of PoolParty user accounts. Visibility and accessibility of a vocabulary can be associated with one or more user group(s). Thus, user group helps in providing structured and organised access to a group of users.

  • User group name

Naming convention for the user group name is <Organisation>_<GroupName>, for example, NEII_UserGroup, NEII_AdminGroup.

RVA Publisher

You can log into RVA publisher using social media or AAF credentials. NEII Programme uses Gmail account to log in to publisher. Owner field in the vocabulary publisher comprises mapped organisation or publisher name. Contact ANDS at to link values in the 'Owner' field to the Gmail account.

Important Note: You can direct queries/requests with regard to creation of new user accounts and user groups to NEII Programme at NEII Programme will then raise the request with ANDS on behalf of data providers.