Spatial Information Services Stack Vocabulary Service (SISSVoc) is a standardised interface (API) for querying, accessing and navigating SKOS-based vocabularies - concepts, collections and their relationships. NEII SISSVoc is a customised Linked Data API to browse environmental vocabularies and access them programmatically.

NEII SISSVoc allows users to perform the following functions:

Browse vocabulary: It allows users to browse a vocabulary and access concepts mapped to it.

Search concepts:  You can search concepts by searching the concept name using 'Exact label' or by searching a substring of the concept name using the 'Text within label' functionality.

Sort concepts: Concepts in a vocabulary can be sorted alphabetically by properties such as concept label, definition, notation etc.

Access concept details: NEII SISSVoc API provides access to concept details including definition, relationships, narrower and broader concepts, notation etc.

Programmatic access: A technical user can also use the Linked Data API to access vocabularies and their concepts programmatically to integrate with an existing service.

For additional information please see

Cox, S., Yu, J. & Rankine, T. 2016 SISSVoc:A Linked Data API for access to SKOS vocabularies. Semant. Web vol.7, no. 1, pp. 9-24 doi:10.3233/SW-140166