Vocabulary service user manual - now available

8 March 2018
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NEII Programme

The Vocabulary Service User manual is a technical publication which provides step by step instructions on how to use PoolParty, RVA Publisher and NEII SISSVoc.


The PoolParty editor is used to create and manage SKOS compliant vocabularies in the NEII vocabulary service.  It provides a set of advanced features such as workflow management, history & audit trail and visualisation of vocabulary components.  It also provides SPARQL endpoints and supports import/export features.

RVA Publisher

RVA publisher provides a convenient and user-friendly interface to publish and manage vocabularies. It allows users to view, edit or delete published vocabularies.


Spatial Information Services Stack Vocabulary Service (SISSVoc) is a standardised interface (API) for querying, accessing and navigating SKOS-based vocabularies - concepts, collections and their relationships. NEII SISSVoc is a customised Linked Data API to browse environmental vocabularies and access them programmatically. It allows you to browse vocabularies, search and sort concepts, access concept details and programmatic access to the vocabularies. 

NEII Vocabulary Service Portal

Environmental vocabularies relevant to the National Environmental Information Programme are listed at the NEII Vocabulary Service Portal described by theme, title, custodian details and program. This includes vocabularies created by the NEII programme and partner vocabularies that have been registered with the NEII service. 

The National Environmental Information Infrastructure, Vocabulary Service User manual can now be down loaded from the NEII publications page.

If you have an environmental vocabulary that you would like to publish please contact us environment@bom.gov.au