National Environmental Vocabulary Service released

11 December 2017
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NEII Programme

The NEII Environmental Vocabulary Service developed through a collaboration between the National Environmental Information Infrastructure Programme (NEII) and the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), provides a system to create, curate and publish nationally significant environmental vocabularies making them accessible to systems and people.

Vocabularies are lists of words or phrases and corresponding definitions that are created, governed and maintained by knowledge domains to provide a single point of truth for users and richer information discovery.

The Environmental Vocabulary Service uses PoolParty as an editor to create and manage Simple Knowledge Organisation System compliant vocabularies.

The Research Vocabularies Australia publisher provides a user-friendly interface to publish and manage vocabularies to make it easier to view, edit or delete published vocabularies. Technical users can also access the Linked Data API to access vocabularies and their concepts programmatically to integrate with an existing service.

This first release of the Service includes 16 environmental vocabularies and the NEII programme is working with our partners through the NEII Reference Group to identify further environmental vocabularies.

Selected vocabularies from the service will also be integrated into other NEII components to improve consistency of description and better data discovery.

Contact for advice on how to publish your vocabulary or access further information.

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